Talibam! “rap” up the internet to celebrate their “Tin Jubliee”

Talibam! "rap" up the internet to celebrate their "Tin Jubliee"

Are you a fan of Talibam!? I like the fact that when I type their name out at the end of a question, it appears as if I’m being overly exclamatory, but I don’t like the fact that having an exclamation point at the end of their name means that if it falls anywhere but at the end of a sentence, I have to deal with the incorrect capitalization of the next word that today’s word processing programs “helpfully” auto-create. “TMT-people” problems… but other than that, I like them a lot. I saw them live about a year ago, and their brand of realness was so real that the decently sized crowd had dwindled down to just my concert buddy and me by the end of the 45-minute set. They were just that real. I very much now know what it’s like for (keyboardist Matt) Mottel to be in a hotel.

Speaking of Talibam! though, did you know they’ve been making muzik (and now raps) for 10 years now? It’s true, and to commemorate this momentous occasion, the group has lined up a whole bunch of internet goodness for fans to consume. We all (now) know Talibam! can rhyme motel with hotel, but did you know they’ve got the latest word on the rap game? Or that they’ve been using the likes of Dan Deacon and MBV as inspiration for their mix series, Launch Pad? Well, it’s true, and with a new tour in support of their 2012 album for Critical Heights, Puff Up the Volume, they’re practically everywhere you turn on the world wide web. Including here, where you can see the band performing the title track from last year’s album with cool hand-drawn animation overlaying their playing, courtesy of director Katharina Huber.

Said tour kicked off at the TV on the Radio-hosted ATP in the UK and continues across Europe through the end of June. See the still-forming tour schedule below!

05.19.13 - Croxhapox Gallery – Ghent, Belgium
05.23.13 - Pfaffenhofen
05.24.13 - Silly Art – Hannover, Germany
05.25.13 - Bremen, Friese
05.27.13 - Studio Grez – Brussels, Belgium
05.28.13 - Stadtgarten, Baustelle Kalk Festival – Cologne, Germany
05.29.13 - Munich, Germany
05.30.13 - Wurzburg, Germany
05.31.13 - Winter Garten, Brass Festival – Landshut, Germany
06.01.13 - Hirschwirtchw – Moosburg, Germany/Austria?

• TALIBAM!: http://talibam.bandcamp.com
• Critical Heights: http://www.criticalheights.com

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