Tara Jane O’Neil announces UK/European summer tour, shining them new lights all over those countries

Tara Jane O'Neil announces UK/European summer tour, shining them new lights all over those countries

Gurrrrrrrrl, shine your light! That’s just something I tell all my friends, be they girl or guy, man or woman. It is, frankly, just a good phrase to live one’s life by. As per this philosophy, the ideal soundtrack is a recent record by Tara Jane O’Neil bearing the title Where Shine New Lights. Why, yes, I do choose music for particular life experiences solely by the title of said music. Thank you for asking. But, that said, Where Shine New Lights is a record of great beauty (making our 2014 First Quarter Favorites list), a beauty which those in the UK and Europe will be glad to experience. What I am building toward here is that Tara Jane O’Neil is going on tour in the UK and Europe this summer.

While the enjoyment of beauty is always a cause for celebration, this particular trip will truly be a special occasion. O’Neil has not toured either the UK or Europe since 2007 and 2009, respectively, and she is PUUUUUUMPED for such a trip. To get the residents of these fine lands equally hyped, she’s released a video for New Lights track “Wordless in Woods” with visuals by experimental film and video artist Makino Takashi. Watch that below, and then think about the concept of beauty. And remember: keep shining that light.

Tara Jane O’Neil dates:

06.01.14 - Guastala, Italy - Handmade Festival
06.03.14 - Utrecht, Netherlands - DB’s
06.04.14 - Cologne, Germany - King George
06.05.14 - Leipzig, Germany - NATO
06.06.14 - Berlin, Germany - TBC
06.07.14 - Paris, France - Espace En Cours
06.08.14 - Bradford, UK - Fuse *
06.09.14 - Manchester, UK - The Castle
06.10.14 - Glasgow, UK - Glad Cafe
06.11.14 - Reading, UK - South Street Arts Center
06.12.14 - London, UK - Cafe Oto %

* David Grubbs
% New Bums

• Tara Jane O’Neil: http://www.tarajaneoneil.com
• Kranky: http://www.kranky.net

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