The Bug plans North American tour in support of Angels & Devils, traveling buddies include Wolf Eyes, Actress, and Manga

The Bug plans North American tour in support of Angels & Devils, traveling buddies include Wolf Eyes, Actress, and Manga

Back in 2008, I had a radio show at my university’s station. One time I played “Angry” off The Bug’s London Zoo because that song is sick. I remember halfway through, some local joker called in to yell at me. He wanted me to turn off the trash I was playing and turn on something that rocked. Every now and then I wonder where that guy is today. I like to imagine him playing a Neal Peart-sized drum kit in front of a packed house in his Green Day cover band The Nimrods. I wish him well.

Fast forward six years and we’ve got us a brand-new full-length from Kevin Martin’s The Bug project to talk about. I wish I could call that guy up and tell him about it, but alas, the station didn’t have caller ID back then, and also that was six years ago, and given the number of drugs and alcoholic beverages he’s no doubt ingested over the course of his career as a successful coverer of the collected works of Armstrong, Dirnt, and Cool, he probably wouldn’t even remember me. Anyway, the album is called Angels & Devils, and it’s out August 26 on Ninja Tune, though it’s been in the works since at least 2012. The record features collaborations with a bunch of folks who, if they were snacks, would definitely make my mouth water, including Liz Harris a.k.a. Grouper, Death Grips, copeland, Warrior Queen, and more. You can pre-order it here.

But, of course, you already knew all of this thanks to TMT’s very own Jrodriguez6. How about some new information that, if it were a feather, would make your foot tickle like a riot? Well then: Mr. Martin is taking his The Bug show on the road. He’ll be joined by the likes of Manga, Flowdan, and the trip-metal kings themselves, Wolf Eyes. The former two will also feature on Angels & Devils. The dates are below in all their glory. Neat! You can also peep “Function” featuring Manga and “Void” featuring Liz Harris below, because, in other “new news,” those tracks are now streaming. Double neat!


10.08.14 - New York, NY - Output ^$
10.10.14 - Boston, MA - Good Life ^
10.11.14 - Detroit, MI - The Works ^
10.24.14 - Guadalajara, Mexico - ENSAMBLE *
10.25.14 - Mexico City, Mexico - Mutek MX *
10.26.14 - Austin, TX - Barcelona ^
10.28.14 - Denver, CO - Cervantes ^
10.29.14 - St. Louis, MO - 2720 Cherokee ^
11.01.14 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent #^
11.03.14 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex #^

^ Manga
* Flowdan
$ Actress
# Wolf Eyes

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