The-Dream’s IV Play delayed again, so just get back into bed

The-Dream's IV Play delayed again, so just get back into bed

Look, the world isn’t so bad. I know, I know, terrible things are everywhere. People are murdered every day. Other people are nearly impossible to relate to meaningfully. You’ll probably never make money doing the thing you really want to do. But, hey, it’s tough all over and we’ve just got to make the best of it. You’ve got your health, you’ve got your family, and things will never get better unless you try to make them better. So, just get out of bed, shake off the sadness and…

What’s that? FACT said The-Dream’s IV Play has been delayed again? Until May 28? When it was supposed to come out May 7?

Forget it. Just go back to bed. Nothing can hurt you there. Nobody can disappoint you from your bed. Don’t blame the The-Dream, though. He’s as bummed out as you. Recently, presumably from his own bed, The-Dream posted on his Twitter that IV Play may end up as his “last commercial release” and that he’d “rather release 3 albums a year” than wait for a proper release from a label. He also said to expect more music from him after May, so that’s…that’s something to get out of bed for. Everything’s going to be fine. Everything’s going to be okay.

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