The Haxan Cloak has been working with Björk on her new album

The Haxan Cloak has been working with Björk on her new album

Peaking her head through the neon clouds above, a deified and humongous Björk appears, with Arca and The Haxan Cloak flapping their angelic wings alongside!

Last September, The FADER was all about dropping the news that Björk’s forthcoming album (set for release some time this year) has Venezuelan producer Arca serving as the “sole co-producer.” Whether that’s still the case depends on how seriously you take the supposed legitimacy of Merriam-Webster, as Bobby Krlic a.k.a. The Haxan Cloak has just revealed via Twitter that… well, let me just shove the relevant tweet your way, in image form:

The time-frame of “a few months” seems a bit much for your standard inspirational hamster juggler, so it’s safe to say that Krlic’s presence was undoubtedly requested for a more creative role on the record that awaits. Dual “sole” co-producers! Or rather, whoever compels via fat beat the biggest BBM (Björk Bowel Movement) wins executive status!

More details to come, I’m sure.

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