The Knife reissue their first two albums on vinyl; btw, have you heard that vinyl is making a comeback?

The Knife reissue their first two albums on vinyl; btw, have you heard that vinyl is making a comeback?

Hey, good news. Now that Swedish electronic duo The Knife are all hip and lauded and whatnot for making music that’s dark and deep and kinda difficult to listen to, they’re using that acclaim as an opportunity to release a bunch of music from their back catalog that is, ironically, considerably less difficult to listen to. So, basically, now you can stop listening to them for free almost anywhere on the globe on Spotify and get back to experiencing these classic records the way they were meant to be heard: once in a while, at home, on vinyl, until it deteriorates! Isn’t that awesome?

As Exclaim! reports, both the group’s self-titled debut and follow-up Deep Cuts are set for their triumphant return to the LP format on August 27 through the Artists Intel label. In case you care to know these sorts of things, the s/t was originally issued as a CD (gross) back in the heady space-odyssey year of 2001 by Rabid Records in Sweden (and later by Mute in North America and Brille in the UK), but was never issued on wax. And Deep Cuts came out in the boring, middle-of-the-road year of 2003 and only saw vinyl-hood on the Brille label, never seeing a subsequent North American release. But yeah, now that you know all that; just forget all that. Cuz now everything’s all vinyl-y and new and you’re totally buying it or else.

Speaking of vinyl being the only thing in the universe that matters, Mute is also issuing the band’s Shaking the Habitual (typical TMT Foucault-quoting anti-review) single “A Tooth for an Eye” as a 12-inch on July 23. So, you know, skip whatever meals you gotta.

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