Thug Entrancer gives you ample time to prepare for Arcology on Software

Thug Entrancer gives you ample time to prepare for Arcology on Software
Photo: Anna Stein

Thug Entrancer’s debut full-length Death After Life was philosophically all about living in the moment, but so few of us actually live in thoughtfully designed ecosystems with our own personal sloth family, so the Denver-based composer of minimal electronic music has announced a follow-up partially dedicated to the idea of a “high tech / low life” society. The other part falls under the umbrella narrative of an alien colony existing between “known” and “unknown” worlds, and what a perfect metaphor that is for Ryan McRyhew’s music, because we’ve previously been caught in a synth-web of mostly incidental influences. Did Death end up juking us into another musical habitat?

The track “Curaga” from the upcoming Arcology says yes, as you’ll be hard-pressed to find so acidic a track on TE’s previous Software effort. The press description expounds on this by claiming a “melodic deployment” traditionally kept subtle, and those inclined to burn daily planners gifted by family members for the upcoming holiday will be happy to know that McRyhew has kept to his improvisational tendencies.

Do (or do not) mark your calendars! Arcology is out March 4 on Dan Lopatin’s Software imprint.

Arcology tracklisiting:

01. ROM
02. Ghostless M.S.
03. Arrakis
04. Low-Life
05. Terrain
06. Rōnin
07. Arcology
08. Exo-Memory
09. Curaga
10. Tight Lean
11. VR-Urge
12. Bronze
13. Wage Mage III
14. Xeno

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