Traxman invites you to private tour of his superior temporal gyrus on Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2

Traxman invites you to private tour of his superior temporal gyrus on Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2

Welcome, welcome to this guided tour of Da Mind of Traxman! Please make yourself comfortable, but remember, the mind we are about to tour is currently in use. In other words, look, but don’t touch! Yes, you there in the black hoodie in the back, a question? Well I wouldn’t personally say that brains are gross at all, sir. I actually find the “weird grayish” color you reference quite aesthetically pleasing. I even painted my foyer that color! And further, I’m not really sure what you mean by “some Magic School Bus shit” but I’d ask you to please keep your language PG. There are children around after all!

I’m sure you all recall that the initial iteration of this brain-tour began back in 2012 under the name Da Mind of Traxman (TMT Review). In fact I think I recognize a few familiar faces… back for more I see! Anyhow, after a bit of an update to the Architekture last year, we’re back for the second volume of this tour a.k.a. Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2. The whole thing is officially available via Planet Mu on May 19 (you can pre-order it now, however), but today we’re going to take an exclusive dive straight into the guy’s superior temporal gyrus, his amygdala, and maybe if you’re good, his occipital lobe! So, if everyone could just double check that their brain suits are securely on… okay, good, let’s go!

Da Mind of Traxman Vol. 2 tracklisting:

01. Time Slip
02. Blow Your Whistle (Tha Out of Here Remixx)
03. Nothing Stays The Same
04. Mic
05. Computer Getto
06. Make Love to Me
07. Bubbles
08. Let It Roll Geto
09. Ever and Always
10. Under Cover Jack
11. Can Nutin Hold Me Back
12. 15416
13. Gone and Hit That Shit
14. I Need Too Do It (ft. DJ Fred)
15. Your Just Movin
16. Tha Edge Of Panic
17. I Wanna Be High
18. U Got Me Runnin (Remixx)

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