Traxman to release Teklife Vol. 3: The Architek on Lit City Trax in September

Traxman to release Teklife Vol. 3: The Architek on Lit City Trax in September

Traxman may have gotten robbed and shot a few months ago, but the veteran producer is so prolific and dedicated he was probably chopping shit up on his MPCs later that night. Case in point: Traxman just released a solid EP, SO DAMN WHATTT !!!!, on Interscape Records, but he’s already announcing another release, this time a 21-track, double album monster for Lit City Trax due next month. It’s called The Architek and is the third installment in the Teklife series (following DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn).

The FADER just premiered a remix of a track off the album, which you can listen to here:

UPDATE: Lit City posted another non-album track, “We Had a Sick Night,” on its SoundCloud. Check it out here:

Look for Teklife Vol. 3: The Architek digitally on September 17, followed by a vinyl release at some point. We’ll tell you about it as soon as we put in our orders first. ;)

Disc One
01. Buddha Muzik
02. Electric Funk
03. Blow Your Whistle
04. Japan
05. Killing Fields
06. Bussin
07. We Takin Over (GETO DJz, Ghetto Tekz)
08. I’m the Life of the Party
09. Hold It
10 This Shit Go Hard

Disc Two
11. All I Feel
12. Off Dem Bars (We Leanin Remix)
13. Manic
14. Don’t Let Em Turn U Around
15. We Can Go Anywhere
16. Mobile Acid
17. Makin Me Itch
18. See Things My Way
19. When Dat Shit Go
20. 2200 Acid
21. Da Best Is Yet To Come

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