Tredici Bacci taps living legend Gary Wilson for highly-limited cassette on NNA Tapes

Tredici Bacci taps living legend Gary Wilson for highly-limited cassette on NNA Tapes
Tredici Bacci with Gary Wilson

Like a tired gunslinger slowly approaching their final shootout at the edge of a desert basin, Tredici Bacci are preparing to unveil their first full length, Amore Per Tutti, this week. The Morricone-/Bacharach-invoking miniature orchestra, led by composer Simon Hanes (or “Luxardo,” if you’re feeling fancy), has assembled a body of work ready to soundtrack your most widescreen-ready and/or glamorously weary old world fantasies, enlisting to the big band the vocal talents of such chanteuses and chansons as JG Thirwell (Foetus), Jennifer Charles (Elysian Fields), and Ruth Garbus.

But that’s not all: Hanes and co have drawn into their singing posse the assistance of actual living legend Gary Wilson for a special collaboration. Limited to just 100 (!) copies, Live At WFMU by Wilson and Bacci will be released on cassette by NNA Tapes and made available to those fortunate enough to get in early on purchasing Amore. Like licorice and salmon, the combination of Tredici Bacci and Gary Wilson is an unusual flavor combination that somehow pairs beautifully, Hanes’s rococo ensemble lending Technicolor gravitas to Wilson’s still-visionary, mind-altering songwriting — all thankfully preserved at the studios of the fabled, spiritually compatible radio station WFMU.

Experience it for yourself below by streaming the group’s take on Wilson classic “6.4 = Make Out,” which we are proud premiere today at Tiny Mix Tapes. (It’s probably worth noting that this streaming track will be the only official digital release of anything from the Live at WFMU tape — so get it while it’s hot!)

Amore Per Tutti and Live at WFMU will be available November 11 from NNA Tapes.

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