Tri Angle Records’ Vessel announces second LP Punish, Honey

Tri Angle Records' Vessel announces second LP Punish, Honey

The latest from Tri Angle Records is a new album by Bristol-based producer Vessel. It’s titled Punish, Honey, and it sounds as sleazy as it sounds. Just listen to the first single, “Red Sex,” embedded below. Dropping September 16, Punish, Honey could very well join what I’d image is a very small league of instrumental records slapped with the “Parental Advisory” sticker. And of those, I’d image it could very well be the only one where the artist made all the instruments. Oh yes…

You will hear Vessel make use of sheet metal, flutes made of sawed-up bike parts, and homemade guitars made of who knows what, among a handful of other dystopic constructions. “Vessel created his own set of crude instrumentation exclusively for this record,” reads the press release. Don’t you kind of wish more people did that?

But this is not a purely experimental album. Punish, Honey will also tackle themes of national identity and explore how it manifests in music. “What sorts of expectations does a musician, particularly an English one, when that history is so rich, take on?” he will likely inquire, over a cup of tea and a shrieking array of barb-wire-kotos (there’s an idea). He may be curious, but clearly he doesn’t care.

If you’re curious, but do care, look into Vessel’s lauded 2012 debut, Order of Noise, as well as “Red Sex” below, followed by the Punish, Honey tracklist.

Punish, Honey tracklist:

01. Febrile
02. Red Sex
03. Drowned in Water and Light
04. Euoi
05. Anima
06. Black Leaves and Fallen Branches
07. Kin to Coal
08. Punish, Honey
09. DPM

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