Tricky announces new album Ununiform, collaborates with Martina Topley-Bird on first song in 15 years

Tricky announces new album Ununiform, collaborates with Martina Topley-Bird on first song in 15 years
Photo: Sebastian Pielles

Trip-hop icon Tricky has announced his 13th studio album, “a journey into happiness and contentment,” on which he “confront[s] his legacy, history, family—even death itself.” Sounds like easy listening. Ununiform comes out September 22 on False Idols.

The Bristol-born legend has also premiered the second song from the release, “When We Die,” which features vocals from his once-go-to creative partner Martina Topley-Bird. In fact, the track marks the first time in 15 years that the two have collaborated on a track. Topley-Bird, who is also the mother of Tricky’s daughter Mazy, provided vocals for a wealth of the producer’s most popular and critically-acclaimed songs, including the majority of his classic debut album, Maxinquaye. Their last creative partnering transpired in 2003, when Tricky co-wrote the song “Ragga” for Topley-Bird’s debut album Quixotic, as well as did additional programming for the record.

Besides Topley-Bird, the list of guests on Ununiform includes several (relatively) well-known Russian rappers, such as Scriptonite and Vasily Vakulenko (Basta). In fact, the LP was partially recorded in Moscow and is meant as both an homage and culmination of Tricky’s “20 year long love affair with Russian hip-hop” (which he hinted about in past interviews).

Ununiform can be pre-ordered here. Check out the album’s tracklist below the write-up — that is, after you listen to “When We Die”:

Ununiform tracklisting:

01. Obia Intro
02. Same As It Ever Was (feat. Scriptonite)
03. New Stole (feat. Francesca Belmonte)
04. Wait For Signal (feat. Asia Argento)
05. It’s Your Day (feat. Scriptonite)
06. Blood Of My Blood (feat. Scriptonite)
07. Dark Days (feat. Mina Rose)
08. The Only Way
09. Armor (feat. Terra Lopez)
10. Doll (feat. Avalon Lurks)
11. Bang Boogie (feat. Smoky Mo)
12. Running Wild (feat. Mina Rose)
13. When We Die (feat. Martina Topley-Bird)

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