Hip Hop duo TRØN & DVD celebrate the things that matter with new album, new single feat. Oran Juice Jones II & Redman, and their own craft beer

Hip Hop duo TRØN & DVD celebrate the things that matter with new album, new single feat. Oran Juice Jones II & Redman, and their own craft beer
Photo: Janette Beckman

Because I have absolutely no visual imagination whatsoever, I’ve never seen (or even felt motivated to see) the movie TRØN. And frankly, I haven’t owned or had access to a DVD player in something approaching a decade.

Luckily, though, none of that information is relevant at all! Because TRØN & DVD — a.k.a. brothers Norvin and Darian Van Dunk, back in their hometown of Nyack, New York — are actually a genius rap duo poised to release its second album for Kiam Records.

Manhunt, which drops September 13, follows 2017’s Afraid of the Dark and takes its title from “a form of tag that kids play at night.” But the word is also meant as a signifier that, after ten years of performing together, the brothers Van Dunk are “here to stay and are out to take what’s theirs.” In Norvin’s words, “You’re not afraid of something when you’re playing games in it.”

You know when you’re ALSO not afraid of something? When you’re busy drinking beer. Which actually is a relevant piece of information! Because, in order to help ring in the new album’s release, Defiant Brewery will be rolling out its own kind of “Manhunt” on September 13; namely, a “New England style double IPA brewed with over 300lbs of Mango,” resulting in “tons of juicy citrus tropical character and a soft mouthfeel.” Mmm…manhunt-y?

But because September 13 seems like a long way away when you need a beer, the duo is also sympathetically sharing Manhunt’s second single “4 They Life (feat Oran Juice Jones II & Redman)” with us TODAY (you can check the clip for first single “Me Time” over here). It’s probably about as slamming and hypnotically danceable as a murderous cautionary tale is liable to get.

Stream the track down below and do a little preemptive Manhunt-ing of your own here (if you like CDs) or here (if you’re like me and don’t have any place to play those things).

Manhunt tracklisting:

01. Cry Now, Laugh Forever (feat. Amy Bezunartea)
02. Me Time
03. Manhunt
05. Lost Boys (feat. Travislike)
06. Black Leather Jackets (feat. Maz)
07. M Bison Slide
08. Young, Dope, Proud (feat SB The Moor & Travis Stever)
09. 4 They Life (feat. Oran Juice Jones II & Redman)
10. Raps To Listen To At Night (feat. Lynk & Jon Solomon)
11. None of Cary Grant’s Fucking Business
12. My Brothers & Me
13. GODLESS (feat. Jennifer O’Connor)

TRØN & DVD, live in surround sound:

09.12.19 - Nyack, NY - Main Street Beat (Album signing & listening event)
09.13.19 - Pearl River, NY - Defiant Brewery (Album and Limited Edition “Manhunt” Beer Party w/ special guest, Haybaby)
09.14.19 - Haverstraw, NY - Riverwide Arts Festival (Afternoon show)
09.15.19 - Brooklyn, NY - My Wicked Lady (Album and Limited Edition “Manhunt” Beer Party, w/ special guest, Elucid)

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