Turkish producer Jtamul mystically confronts a “fairy princette” side, announces new EP on Objects Limited

Turkish producer Jtamul mystically confronts a "fairy princette" side, announces new EP on Objects Limited

The dynamism of communication need not be elaborated upon in a world where tiny images are able to convincingly hide one’s total illiteracy; but beyond the seemingly endless popularity of emojis in countries around the globe, can we take a moment to recognize the more meaningful and subversive role that language occasionally takes? I don’t know if leetspeak is technically still a thing in the dark recesses of our digital ecosystem, but Turkish producer Jtamul is still intimately familiar with communication both as a means of showing solidarity and as a method of obfuscating behavior that might not be socially acceptable.

Lubunca is a form of Turkish slang that arguably dates back to the Ottomam Empire, and it continues to be used among communities that might be considered sexual deviants by the conservative majority of the population. Jtamul’s new EP Lubuni takes the Lubunca inspiration and goes a bit further.

For one thing, Jtamul’s status as a linguistics student already gives credence to the artist’s potential ability as a psychic medium. For another, Lubuni is self-described as a portrayal of Jtamul as a “digital fairy princette, who is showing off their vulnerable and tender side as an escape from the strict norms and forms of society that I live in at the time.” So really, the abstract sounds of the release — which is clearly influenced by language in a broad sense — are also being used to convey what Jtamul considers their true, queer self.

Lara Rix Martin’s Objects Limited label is all about music and stories like these. Pre-order the EP ahead of its May 31 release here, and have a careful listen to the opening track’s mutterings down below:

Lubuni tracklisting:

01. Tsiqvi
02. Bulanik
03. Wing Flutters
04. Rahatla
05. Lusk

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