Ty Segall to release the $ingle$ 2 compilation for the low, low price of $

Ty Segall to release the $ingle$ 2 compilation for the low, low price of $

Much has been made about California garage grom Ty Segall’s ultra-prolific output. Seeing as he released the Manipulator LP more than two months ago, it was high time for him to announce something new. And here it is, $ingle$ 2, Ty’s second singles compilation. Covering the Goodbye Bread, Twins, and Sleeper years, the comp collects B-sides from all of the 7-inch singles released during that creative period.

To sweeten this already great deal, Ty is including three righteous covers of The Groundhogs, The Velvet Underground, and GG Allin. It just keeps getting better! Who hasn’t thought about young Ty shredding his vocal cords to “Femme Fatale” in his best Nico impression? There’s even an obscure Ty cut on here called “Fucked Up Motherfucker.” Naughty, naughty [whip cracking sound]. For those garage heads who yearn for the years before Ty moved to L.A. with its fame and high-pressure jacuzzi jets, this is the album for you. It’s pure San Francisco Ty, it’s Dolores Park Ty with a neon hula-hoop, Fisherman’s Wharf clam chowder bread-bowl Ty… I think you know what I’m trying to say. Drag City will release $ingle$ 2 on November 18; peep the tracklist below.

$ingle$ 2 tracklist:

01. Spiders
02. Hand Glams
03. Cherry Red
04. Falling Hair
05. Children of Paul
06. It’s a Problem
07. Mother Lemonade
08. For Those Who Weep
09. Fucked Up Motherfucker
10. Femme Fatale
11. Music for a Film
12. Pettin the Dog

• Ty Segall: http://ty-segall.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

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