Tyler, the Creator details new album Flower Boy featuring Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, and A$AP Rocky, pours extensive resources into continued transmedia crusade

Tyler, the Creator details new album Flower Boy featuring Frank Ocean, Lil Wayne, and A$AP Rocky, pours extensive resources into continued transmedia crusade
Photo: Petra Collins

It’s 2017, which means we’ve had a few years to recover from the brutal chaos of what historians will eventually call the “OFWGKTA epoch.” And yet…Tyler, the Creator’s brand is stronger than ever, still capable of uniting the disparate media spaces of music, television, fashion, gratuitous profanity, and sardonic stream-of-consciousness Twitter banter under a single, highly-advanced artistic vision.

Now, it’s time once again to get your neon summer-wear out of that box in the attic, because the latest big play in Tyler’s media empire has become known: his new studio album, Flower Boy! And because high demand calls for urgent supply, the album is out this month — on July 21! — as dictated by the brilliant business minds at Columbia Records. So, don’t say capitalism never did anything for you!

The new album, Tyler’s first since 2015’s Cherry Bomb, is also known by what I think is a far more approachable title, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, but it was likely cleaned up to take advantage of the lucrative Pixar demographic. Nonetheless, “Flower Boy” includes two tracks released at the end of last month: “911/ Mr. Lonely” featuring Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean (!) and Anna of the North; and “Who Dat Boy” featuring A$AP Rocky — which also came accompanied with a self-directed music video. Other tracks on the album reportedly feature Lil Wayne, Estelle, Roy Ayers, and Frank Ocean (!!) yet again. Not only that, but Flower Boy will also be made available with two different covers (both viewable down below), one designed by artist Eric White and one designed by Tyler himself. So, make sure to collect ‘em all! (Capitalism FTW AGAIN!)

If you’re interested (and who the hell are you not to be?), you can pre-order the album on iTunes. Otherwise (if you really want to help prop-up Tyler’s lust for media imperialism), you can catch the rapper’s TWO upcoming television shows: Nuts + Bolts on VICELAND (premiering August 3) and The Jellies on Adult Swim (premiering “this summer”). Either way, prepare yourself by reviewing those two released tracks, viewing both album covers, intently studying the Flower Boy tracklisting, and memorizing his upcoming festival appearances…all down below!

Scum Fuck Flower Boy cover art
Flower Boy alternate cover by Eric White

Scum Fuck Flower Boy tracklisting:

01. Foreword
02. Where This Flower Blooms
03. Sometimes…
04. See You Again
05. Who Dat Boy?
06. Pothole
07. Garden Shed
08. Boredom
09. I Ain’t Got Time!
10. 911 / Mr. Lonely
11. Dropping Seeds
12. November
13. Glitter
14. Enjoy Right Now Today

Bitch ass upcoming live dates:

07.15.17 - Long Beach, CA - Agenda
07.28.17 - New York, NY - Panorama Music Festival
07.30.17 - Detroit, MI - Detroit Mo Pop Festival
10.28-29.17 - Los Angeles, CA - Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival

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