Uncivilized announce Brooklyn residency, premiere animated video for live Elliott Smith cover

Uncivilized announce Brooklyn residency, premiere animated video for live Elliott Smith cover

As a budding member of the ultra-leftist media elite, Tiny Mix Tapes has access to EXCLUSIVE events, including educational seminars, performance art stagings, pizza parties, and various other HAPPENINGS. These functions are sometimes hosted by the NEWS overlords of The New York Times, which named TMT a “popular music Webzine” and jazz-folk ensemble Uncivilized “its own fuzzy, folky, big-hearted thing.”

On such occasions, our staff is made privy to a number of exciting and innovative programs that have been proven to change the way we perceive not just music, but reality itself. Peeling back the veneer of orderly systems like record-label capitalism and press release templates reveals the true nature of the spiritual alien child muse at the heart of all we do. One such exposure was captured on film by French-Canadian videographer Pier-Louis Dagenais Savard, who then set the video to a live audio recording of Uncivilized covering Elliott Smith’s “Speed Trials” at the now-shuttered Manhattan Inn venue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Typically reserved for music journalist reprogramming sessions, that video is now available for your artistic enlightenment.

Once you’ve been INITIATED, you will also be granted access to the official Uncivilized New York 10-inch limited-edition, hand-stamped vinyl EP pre-order page (it’s out March 17), as well as to the details concerning the group’s upcoming four-month residency at Barbès in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

New York EP tracklisting:

01. Sherwood ft. Levon Henry (Live at 90 W Houston)
02. Home Video (Live at Sycamore)
03. Speed Trials ft. SHWILSON (Live at Manhattan Inn)
04. If I Should Lose You (Live at Tea Lounge)

Uncivilized residency dates:

03.15.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Barbès (New York EP Vinyl Release Show)
04.02.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Barbès (Uncivilized Plays Chico Hamilton)
05.11.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Barbès (Uncivilized Plays Fahey)
06.08.17 - Brooklyn, NY - Barbès (Uncivilized Plays Zappa)

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