♫♪  Uncivilized - “The Theme / Rouge STOMP / Good King Wenceslas / The Theme Returns” (Uncivilized Plays Twin Peaks Live at Barbès, 2017)

In the top slot of Tiny Mix Tapes’s Favorite 20 TV Shows of 2017 — which, if you haven’t checked yet, please go now and do — Mr P masterfully bisects, dissects, vivisects, and digests the “palimpsest” that is/was Twin Peaks: The Return in a way that only he can, writing among all types of fly shit, “If the original run was in part a pseudo parody of soap operas that supposedly ‘birthed’ modern television, then The Return could be understood as a meta-commentary on modern television’s sanctification and expectations of reboot culture — including the role that Twin Peaks itself plays in this nostalgia industry.”

My humble-pie eaten reading: Twin Peaks was to Days Of Our Lives as The Return is to The Sopranos. Further, Uncivilized Plays Twin Peaks Live at Barbès, 2017, the complete, as-yet-unreleased set, including their take on “Laura Palmer’s Theme” and other pieces premiering below, is to civilization as Twin Peaks (Music from the Limited Event Series / Limited Event Series Soundtrack) (TMT’s 23rd favorite release of 2017) is to the bar-venue concert-going experience. Scene:

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