WaqWaq Kingdom (Kiki Hitomi & DJ Scotch Egg) blend timelines with new album Essaka Hoisa, out on Phantom Limb

WaqWaq Kingdom (Kiki Hitomi & DJ Scotch Egg) blend timelines with new album Essaka Hoisa, out on Phantom Limb

I knew I’d heard that voice and (less clearly) that sound before! Producer and songwriter Kiki Hitomi was previously a member of King Midas Sound and played a central role in the creation of their 2009 debut album. I’m pretty sure that’s her voice opening the song “Earth A Killya” (as a more obvious demonstration of her presence); and some time after that Hyperdub debut, she defected and joined the once-trio known as a WaqWaq Kingdom, which originally consisted of her, electro-acoustic composer Andrea Belfi, and DJ Scotch Egg of noisy chiptune notoriety.

WaqWaq’s debut release was called Shinsekai, and the dub-centered Jahtari label was surely satisfied at a release that had all kinds of cultural and downtempo influences. Is that sound going to dwindle, now that Belfi’s honorably self-banished so that he could focus on other projects?

The skeletal rhythm on the track “Doggy Bag” (listenable below) might be a sign of Hitomi and DJ Scotch Egg both exerting their respective influences. Supposedly the whole of Essaka Hoisa is just as variable as Shinsekai in terms of overall style, and official press for the album says that the duo WaqWaq Kingdom is nonetheless continuing to be about “drawing lines between traditional Japanese and contemporary electronic” music. A traditional side emerges with the album’s name, which refers to a historical Japanese chant that basically amounts to a call to persevere.

There’s an interesting amalgam going on here! Here’s where you can pre-order the new one ahead of its November 15 release.

Essaka Hoisa tracklisting:

01. Mum Tells Me
02. Doggy Bag
03. Itadakimasu
04. Gift From God
05. 3rd Eye
06. GaGa
07. Hototogisu
08. Circle Of Life
09. Warg
10. Medicine Man

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