Weezer to reissue first six albums on vinyl

Weezer to reissue first six albums on vinyl

It seems almost Make Believe that anyone would want to buy Weezer’s third, fourth, fifth, and sixth albums on vinyl, just to add a little bit of warmth to the progressively insufferable songs of Rivers Cuomo. Yet on October 28, Geffen will give whatever Weezer diehards remain the opportunity to do just that, a perhaps Maladroit attempt to milk these fans’ nostalgia for a simpler time, when the band’s nosedive further and further into kitsch was something of a shock instead of just old news.

The reissue also includes the first of Weezer’s four (and counting?) self-titled albums and Pinkerton, so if you find yourself stuck in a nostalgia loop, yearning to re-live that first time you sung along to “El Scorcho” on the bus ride home from middle school, maybe giving one of the records a spin on newly-pressed wax will remind you that you already killed all of these songs 15 years ago and get you out.

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