William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth announce tour in support of collaborative album

William Fowler Collins & James Jackson Toth announce tour in support of collaborative album
William Fowler Collins

On the final track of his collaborative album with William Fowler Collins, Under Stars and Smoke, James Jackson Toth (a.k.a. Wooden Wand) isolatedly pleads, “Wheels don’t fail me on this unpaved road,” which takes on a more practical meaning when you consider that shitty tires and neglected roads are a potential detriment to their upcoming October tour. Maybe they’ll take a plane instead as a means of mitigating the now pre-determined (but let’s hope not) nature of their automobile troubles, but either way, a handful of established lands east of the Mississippi should prepare for the duo’s inevitable arrival. No amount of infrastructure deterioration or tour-preventing ninjas can stop Toth and Collins from sharing their imagined fusion of distinctly American lands, and with any luck, a few Americans might return with them in fantastic dereliction of life’s responsibilities.

Again, the tour is in support of Under Stars and Smoke, which brought together two artists known for giving solo and stylistically different musical representations of their respective base states (New Mexico in Collins’s case and Kentucky in Toth’s). The drone + folk amalgam is a relatively unexplored thing across the musical landscape, so check out one of the shows below if you’re in the area and looking for an easy intro.


10.04.16 - Richmond, VA - Black Iris
10.05.16 - Brooklyn, NY - Park Church Co-op
10.06.16 - Washington, DC - Rhizome
10.07.16 - Durham, NC - Pinhook
10.08.16 - Louisville, KY - Kaiju
10.09.16 - Chicago, IL - The Owl

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