Wold, not interested in going out for ice cream, announce possible final album Postsocial

Wold, not interested in going out for ice cream, announce possible final album Postsocial

There was a word I was looking for upon my introduction to the Providence-based but Saskatchewan-bred Wold just now, but whatever came to mind was quickly supplanted by images of the inevitable result of leaving bread out in warm, moist temperatures for too long. No, wait. It’s coming back to me… not unlike the gradual proliferation of that mint-green fuzz on my blueberry muffins just days after I bought them. Where’s the consideration in having an expiration date a mere three days post-shelving? Who can live up to those digestive expectations?

The word is “enigma.” The band for whom one collective moniker just wasn’t enough have been getting on the bad side of eardrums for more than a decade, but April 29 will mark their “most-likely” culmination in the form of “most-likely” last LP Postsocial. And in the world of appropriate album titles, this one has the added qualities of swearing to the band’s philosophical inspiration, and of accurately summarizing their upcoming album-supporting activities… which are effectively nil.

As a press release proclaims, “there will be no interviews, live performances or get-togethers,” but for those interested in a Wold experience separate from grimacing while listening to Postsocial on your home speakers, some themes are offered up for contemplation: each track supposedly represents a point on the inverted star. The first two tracks deal with “exterior and interior violence,” respectively. The next two tracks further the inverted star metaphor, culminating in “ritualistic conjuration” and “copulation of the hag.” That last track is (unofficially) about puppy dogs.

An old-ish interview is below. I’m suddenly aware of my pleb status.

Postsocial tracklisting:

01. Throwing Star
02. Inner Space Infirmary
03. Five Points
04. Spiral Star Inversion
05. Sapphire Sect of Tubal Cain

• Wold: http://wold-klan.blogspot.com
• Profound Lore: http://www.profoundlorerecords.com

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