Octogenarian Yoko Ono will soon have two more 2015 releases than your band

Octogenarian Yoko Ono will soon have two more 2015 releases than your band

Some birthdays are just associated with certain rites of passage. At 16, for example, you might get your driver’s license. At 18, you verify that you’re of legal age and look at your very first pornographic image. And 21, when after years of patiently waiting, you finally drink your very first beer. Big number 82 is such a birthday, and, really, it goes without saying — you turn 82, you release two 10-inch LPs.

At least that’s what Yoko Ono is doing. Only she’s upping the ante by releasing not only the usual pair of tenners, but a book to boot! One will feature crooner Antony in a duo with Yoko, titled “I Love You Earth,” as well as his own solo cover of her song “I’m Going Away Smiling.” The other is a live recording of the recent collaboration “Blink” between Yoko and free jazz sax shredder John Zorn.

Not content to see her birthday celebrated in merely one artistic medium, Harper will publish the book See Hear Yoko by Bob Gruen and Judy Denberg on the very same day. The book will feature black-and-white photographs and interviews culled over the past quarter-century as text.

Q: But I wanted to get my auntie that fresh wax as a Valentine’s Day gift!

A: Too bad! You gotta wait til the February 18 release date like the rest of us. In the meantime, you can pre-order the records at Chimera Music and digitally via iTunes.

Sure, everyone releases a double 10-inch on their 82nd birthday. It’s almost a cliché at this point. But humor her, ok? She’s old. Why, back in my day, all we had was vinyl!…

• Yoko Ono: http://imaginepeace.com

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