Young Thug & Carnage finally pay homage to their true OG, Martha Stewart, on new collaborative EP Young Martha

Young Thug & Carnage finally pay homage to their true OG, Martha Stewart, on new collaborative EP Young Martha
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Since the genre’s inception, it has been incumbent upon new entries to the hip hop canon to pay homage to their predecessors. Which is why I was getting really fucking worried that no one had dropped an EP specifically honoring Martha Stewart by name.

Thankfully, Young Thug continues to prove himself as the Only Sane Human Being in Music™ by releasing a new, collaborative EP with Carnage entitled…Young Martha. The project is relatively short, weighing in at only four tracks, but each one is dense and heavily produced, bursting with flavor. Sort of reminds me of Martha’s Lemon Tartlets with Meringue Caps: diminutive in size but expansive in their sweet and tangy deliciousness, sheer engineering marvels of quality v. quantity.

That attention to detail isn’t the only similarity between Thugger and the icon Martha Stewart. Speaking to HotNewHipHop about the project, Carnage said “[I wanted] to take like everything we love about Thug, and put steroids in that. It’s just, you know, Martha Stewart, in her prime when she was making billions of dollars. She’s a boss. Before she had to take that L, but when she was takin’ them dubs…That was Young Martha. This whole thing is going to be so dope.”

That was Young Martha Indeed. While rubbing elbows with Snoop Dogg and spending a cool five months behind bars, yet still enjoying a for taste the finer things in life, Stewart has arguably racked more street cred than Soundcloud’s entire user base. Head here to download Thug and Carnage’s humble tribute to the American mogul and/or stream it down below — and while you listen, you’re welcome to imagine Stewart on her back porch in East Hampton with a fresh plate of hors d’oeuvres, rolling up something quality, and bumping this tape through a bunch of speakers that are disguised to look like rocks. What a lifestyle.

Young Martha EP tracklisting:

01. Homie (feat. Meek Mill)
02. Liger
03. 10,000 Slimes
04. Don’t Call Me (feat. Shakka)

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