Young Thug possibly dropping collaborative release with Fetty Wap

Young Thug possibly dropping collaborative release with Fetty Wap

Having exhausted what was once thought to be an endless supply of slime (and landing a coveted spot on TMT’s favorite mixtapes of November list), our hero, our greatest hope, our Hercules, the indomitable and youngest of thugs, Young Thug himself, has ostensibly announced plans for a forthcoming collaborative project with Fetty Wap. It’s titled, somewhat predictably, ThuggaWap. As I’m sure you’ve assumed, this release was less “announced” and more “tweeted about with a picture of a drawing, some Faygo, and what looks like french toast in the background.” But, you know, six of one, half dozen of the other. There are no additional details.

Speaking of Young Thug releases that remain shrouded in smoke, the MigosThuggin collaboration with Migos that was originally slated for release back on Halloween still hasn’t come out. Thugger did tweet a teaser for the release though, and he has been spotted playing basketball with Migos, so who knows what else might be on the horizon. Could be anything, honestly.

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