Adderall Canyonly
The Ascension of Saint Diamond and the Battle of Oxtest [CS; Field Hymns]

The last we heard from the mysterious Adderall Canyonly, he was mixed up in some heady pop. And though It was a Dark and Stoney Night was an apropos title for the menagerie of sound at play, the lack of attention span throughout the cassette lent itself more to Adderall’s namesake rather than the hazy incantations of dark and stoney. That title may have fared slightly better with Adderall’s newest collection. The latest cassette is a trip into the wormhole, down the rabbit hole, and outside the glory hole. Mixing branches of warped psychedelia, spacey drone, and rash electronic, The Ascension of Saint Diamond and the Battle of Oxtest is the realization that all your fantasies can coexist and can come true. This is finding out Narnia exists — Aslan now some amalgamation of Max Headroom dial-up technology, glitching out at the right intervals to turn lag into cool. It’s the same Blade Runner awe that injects The Ascension, as Adderall has thrown all fantasy into a blender and come out with a viscous concoction only the most thirsty of blazers could scarf down. Gone are the pop tendencies, replaced with the multi-dimensional sound of living in fantasy world. Space and time colliding and pulling apart at once — this is the genius of Adderall Canyonly. He is everywhere and nowhere; he is stoner and teetotaler; he is pop and noise. It’s all funneled through the same wardrobe, and we are all kings and queens of Fillory.

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