♫♪  Adderall Canyonly - The Unburdened Present

Somewhat of a companion piece to the friggin swell LP Museum of Fire (Polytechnic Youth), which itself was released at the ass-end of 2018 to ensure it didn’t get placed on anyone’s year-end list (hey, I don’t make the schedules), The Unburdened Present adds to the now-definitely-sprawling catalog of Adderall Canyonly, the reclusive ghoul with a penchant for horror-synth-soundtrack diabolism. This EP was squeezed out in the wee hours of the New Year — exactly January 1, 2019, to be precise — and its wicked tone belies its conception: “recorded winter 2017-18 in a cold basement.” Unceremoniously ripped to CD by the Sleep FUSE label, The Unburdened Present is a chilly reminder that not all is well with the world.

Track titles like “The Mother of All Fuckers” and Black-Moth-Super-Rainbow-castoff-sounding “Abandoned by the Light They Leak Through” will point you pretty obviously to that conclusion.

Dark clouds await us.

Fright around every corner.

We have awakened.

And here’s footage from a live AC set, just in case you weren’t unsettled enough.

Fly off the rails of sanity into the ditch of madness with Adderall Canyonly!

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