♫♪  Adderall Canyonly - Give Me Room Under the Fire of the Sun

OK, Adderall, here’s some room. Here’s PLENTY of room. Need room for a single 34-minute track split over two sides of a cassette tape as “Part 1” and “Part 2”? No problem, homes, we got you there too. Give Me Room Under the Fire of the Sun is pure, unadulterated Adderall Canyonly, adventurous, uncut, unrepentant.

Not unpolluted, though. Our pal AdCan coats Give Me Room with his usual psychedelic glaze, a heady, crystallized laser beam of dank goodness (or good dankness?) that drifts through the constantly shifting passages within the larger piece. It’s almost like Adderall has retrofitted his human body with synthetic (read: “synthesizer”) appendages that he uses in his everyday movements to create movements everyday (mind out of gutter please), works of forward-thinking and consciousness-altering electronic vibrations. Does it make it any less of a feat that Give Me Room plays like you’re changing the channels on your 1970s television, constantly shifting focus? No way — it makes it weirder and grittier. Plus, you actually have to get up and twist the knob…

So much room. Spread out, put your feet up.

Orb Tapes is killing it lately, with Adderall Canyonly a nice coup among the label’s usual spate of hellish noise.

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