Babe, Terror
Knights [12-inch w/ etching; Phantasy Sound]

Babe, Terror has gone from sending me an anonymous CD-R to my blog to putting out one of the most aesthetically pleasing 12-inch vinyl etchings (with music running down the middle of the etched side! And that side plays backward!) I’ve ever seen. Bravo, brother from another continent, and more kudos to Phantasy Sound for being his much-needed audio outlet. Now that I’m done talkin’-up the visual side, let’s get to the best part of all: Babe, Terror’s complete lack of genre and continuity. In some ways, you can link his first few releases to what’s happening on Knights, but mostly I feel it’s a big-time pivot for a restless talent. Some of tracks like “Savagestic” almost impinge on juke/chop/screw territory, and all I can do is hope he doesn’t go too far too soon. For now, it’s all good: Beats, swirled half-memories crystallized in a glowing soda-pop machine, samples melted and mutated by a musical magnifying glass. More evidence of Babe, Terror’s puristic touch, his absurdly mainline connection to the godz. I mention Black Dice/Eric Copeland almost defensively, as if theirs was the last music that gave my brain such reason for pause, but that couldn’t be, could it? No, there are major parallels here, especially where E.C. is concerned. It would be a lonely, frosty world without artists like Babe-arooni over here, pointing out the most drastic of our sins and scrawling graffiti all over the inside of our skulls. YES!


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