Babe, Terror
“Perdizes Camp Seniors”

A writing assignment on a new piece of work from Brazil’s Babe, Terror comes with both great excitement and a hell of a lot of anxiety, seeing as how it means I have to come up with more ways to describe what is, for all intents and purposes, very, very difficult to describe. Currently, there is very little on the planet that sounds close to what Babe, Terror (or, as he is also known, Perdiz es Dream) is up to with his music, and, aside from making some half-assed kind of March Madness joke in terms of the Cami Alvarez-directed video’s use of old-timey basketball footage, the video-mulch-meets-watercolor technique is pretty stand alone as well. All I can really say is that the overall effect of this amazing artist’s use of light and sound is absolutely and completely mesmerizing. “Perdizes Camp Seniors” sounds like an outdoor chorus of ghosts singing praises on high, only sampled and interjected with sputtering moments of space to give something that is ostensibly beat-less a heaving sense of rhythm that feels like it’s really meant for the dance floor. And whether you find yourself awkwardly swinging a partner around to this one or just at home with headphones glued to your head and your eyes slowly crossing as you near that comatose state, it ultimately doesn’t really matter. Wherever you find yourself with Babe, Terror, you’re bound to be lost anyway.

This track is found on Babe, Terror’s new tape, College Clash, which is available from Glue Moon.

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