Babe, Terror
“Lifantastic I ”

This one is for you, dude or dudette who loves dance but doesn’t like to actually dance. What to do with yourselves in such a situation anyway? The answer is choreography. Okay, now that might sound highly offensive to someone like Renée Archibald, who choreographed the silhouettes found in this amazing clip in conjunction with one of NY’s most brilliant video makers, EyeBodega.

But what can I say? The video features layers of shadowy figures waving their arms about in time to this music’s engrained hypnogogia for about nine minutes. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, there’s everything right with it; not a single one of those nine minutes (or any of the seconds in between) is in the slightest way boring. Look at the colors, yes, but perhaps more importantly, listen to them; to the deep evergreens, mellow purples, and vibrant yellows strobing systematically. The beat plodding ahead while also imploding on itself in a subdued supernova — all the 2AMs at clubs happening across the world occurring in one sonic space.

Yes, with EyeBodega’s help, Brazil’s Babe, Terror has created something especially special here, however extremely difficult to properly describe on this Knights record, which is available on an etched vinyl you apparently have to play from the inside out. Appropriate, since the record itself sounds like it’s slowly turning itself inside out — a celestial journey that’s finding its way into a center, exploring the already-familiar (in re-warped/refigured samples) to greater depth than I think I’ve ever heard, rather than reaching outward into a blank and negative abyss.

Babe, Terror’s Knights is available now from many distributors, but not likely for long. Check the YouTube source page for links.

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