Black Hat
Covalence [CS; Field Hymns]

Spoken of in mere whispers these days, the myth of the perfect mix tape still resonates with a generation keen on creating digital mixes as technology dictates. Though the magic of actual cassette mixes has reached an uptick in recent years, it’s rare to pay a compliment of mix tape pacing to one entity but here it goes: Black Hat’s Covalence is the summer mix tape you’ll want in your car stereo. Though it doesn’t have jams like “Get Lucky” or “What I Like,” what it lacks in mainstream pop appeal it makes up for in pacing. Tumblers such as “Ashe” and “The Lattice and the Cormorant” are settled by the deep running waters of “Jaune” and “Arabesque.” Covalence also has trippy artwork that feels like it was done by your friend, the design student. And that it comes shipped from Portland’s Field Hymns lends the tape the stench of cool-friend-across-the-country cluing you into a vibe. Though not a 1-of-1, there’s only 100 of these bad boys and millions of humans, so you better claim yours before it heats up and you don’t have the killer hooks of Summer ‘13 bumping from your Focus.

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