♫♪  Black Hat - “Dream Interlock”

Black Hat (the recording alias of Nelson Bean) has been slowly ripping up the Pacific Northwest’s underground electronic scene. Since arriving in the region in 2012, his regular appearances at MOTOR nights have become highlights of the events, as the raw, visceral power of his music sticks with you long after the night’s over. His recorded output has evolved as well, with recent tapes and EPs on Debacle, Field Hymns, and Hausu Mountain as evidence of his growing skill in combining doom-laden ambience with glitch-infused IDM. His latest cassette, Dream Interlock (via Digitalis), delves into Bean’s take on ambient, atmospheric techno that conveys a dreamy, claustrophobic vibe. Although the tape is sold out, you can stream the entire thing below and, should you dig it enough, you can purchase a digital copy over at the Digitalis store.

• Black Hat: http://blackhat.bandcamp.com/
• Digitalis: http://digitalisindustries.com/

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