Black Hat and World War releases on Hausu Mountain out in September

Black Hat and World War releases on Hausu Mountain out in September
Happy September!!!

Recently, my mom (of all people) told me that record label Hausu Mountain is not named after an actual mountain. She also told me about two new releases coming out in September. Geez, mom, are you working for Hausu Records now?

Turns out, yes, my mom actually owns Hausu Records now. She said Black Hat will release a new album called Impossible World on September 22. Black Hat is a project from Neslson Bean that mixes beat music with soothing ambient textures. Bean’s compositions include an assortment of synth programming and layered precision lines that evolve into, in my mom’s words, “real bangers.”

As my mom told me this info, she stuck her hand down her sweatpants, cupped a fart, and then covered it over my mouth. She then kicked me and called me a nerd. After laughing for five minutes she told me that World War’s new album Soundsystem will also be released on September 22. I guess Davey Harms’ World War project “brings more of a techno/cyborg vibe to the label,” and it’s also Harms’ first release there. Then, between noogies, mom also said something about both albums being released on cassette. She then crushed an empty beer can on her forehead. Really well.

After collecting all of this dope info, I asked my mom if I could get an internship at Hausu. She just quietly directed me to her computer screen and played a video compilation of Jake the Snake DDTs.

Impossible World tracklisting:

01. Digital Playpen
02. Diary
03. Cucullu
04. Cracked
05. Headband
06. Marine Layer
07. Speedskating
08. Unfortunate Statement
09. Heliotrope
10. Gorilla House
11. Impossible World
12. Far Gone
13. Frequency Follower

Soundsystem tracklisting

01. California
02. Same in the World Red
03. No Time 4 Tremor
04. Finally Human Hair
05. War Dudes
06. Dingo
07. Expert Man (The Refined Man)
08. Enemies Against Power
09. Bass

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