Prisoners of Memory [CS; Animal Image Search]

Innercity, hot stuff on the Belgian block, burns his wick at both ends on AIS minimal synth mantra Prisoners of Memory. Much like the jacket hints, the tape is a Spartan affair with the synthetic twinkles of keys guiding the listener on their own complicated journey. Whether the outcome breeds discovery or confusion is not in the hands of Hans Dens, but in the mind’s eye. The beauty of Prisoners of Memory (aside from the fair maiden that graces its cover) is that it allows for one to supplant Innercity’s dictation with their own. Plenty of synth jams lend themselves to tales of the cosmos, of summer reflection, or dystopian futures — PoM exists on all planes in all realities. Moments of suspense, sensuality, and intrigue dot Innercity’s composition, but it plays as a soundtrack to the images in your own mind. Fantasize about the lovely woman on the cover, dream of a Mediterranean vacation, or splash your own color upon PoM’s deceptive drab artwork — it’s the nature of Innercity’s work: to arm you with the tools necessary to enliven and enlighten your imagination.


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