Peter Kris
Sprawl and Sky [CS; A Giant Fern]

In talk of guitarists, they are often broken into ‘Gods’ and ‘Heroes’. It’s very mythical in definition, but the meanings and players are always changing. Where Peter Kris falls isn’t debatable, because like the ‘Best’ he eschews expectations. Founder of Cerb fav German Army, Kris’ solo variant Sprawl and Sky is the Cuyahoga ablaze. Most appreciative is the seemingly simple set-up; much of Sprawl and Sky buzzing with the embers of a prehistoric amplifier devouring Zeus’ thunderbolts with each passing volley. Reflective compositions even have a bit of static, though there is no lack of contemplative silence as well. So is Kris a hero like Loren or a god like Hendrix? Truth is, he’s neither. Sprawl and Sky is very workmanlike. For all the solitary greats it conjures, none is more prevalent than the very human Bruce Russell. Kris’ skill breaks away from age old comparisons, a hard fought battle against rote skill to deliver something far more palpable. Though the way points are familiar, Kris is at his best wandering off the beaten path. Whether it eventually finds him in Olympus or Hades…

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