q///q [3-inch CD-R; Beko]

OK, the German Army “family tree” thing has grown yet another branch, further entrenching your humble Strauss into something that I fully believe is OK to call a “universe” at this point. These people have seriously taken over the Cerberus feed of late, so sorry if you’re having trouble realizing how great these mysterious beings are, and also you’re welcome, by the way, for continually bashing the notion into your skull. Gumshoe’s gotten all the recent good cracks, so it’s my turn since I got this smart little impossible-to-pronounce 3-inch from French label Beko in the mail. One half of the enigmatic sludge-ravers comes up for air on this one with a clearer, cleaner sort of sound. Though the voice is still shrouded with reverb and delay, the synths themselves beam lighter and brighter and the beats, they snap, crackle and pop with some real tempos to them. The songs quiver and shake with life, dark dance tunes made for frigid temperatures, complete with a shivering vocalist and feverish hooks to get the goose bumps going. If you were on the fence about Germany Army and were maybe looking for something that tipped the scales a bit more on the pop side of things, q///q is probably the closest you’re gonna get… which is close enough, trust. You’re reading Cerbs, after all, I mean did you expect this to be completely normal? You saw all the stuff about this being one half of German Army, right?

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