♫♪  Q///Q - Jardim

Q///Q muffles the microphone, withholding secrets under its breath, finagled by stuffy delay. Toms and tambourines are die-cast; the stiff skeletons of hi-hats and rimshots strain through the molten lattice.

Further back, past the reticent vocalist, past the percussion molds, synthetic strings progress. They are distant, abandoned by their orchestra, nodding off in their surroundings, for a split second at a time, in spite of their melodic responsibilities. They are the weight and balance to Jardim’s coolheaded passages.

Jardim’s five sketches are cohesive: in tone, in texture, and in brevity. Their brevity causes desire for elaboration to well up inside of the listener. Starting with “Gom Gom” right through “Tourada A Corda,” the listener is settled in, prepared for a long ride in Q///Q’s compact. But, in a flash, the ride is over; the secrets are preserved; the rope is recoiled; the bull is at rest.

• Q///Q: https://soundcloud.com/qqsuits
• Self-help Tapes: http://selfhelptapes.bandcamp.com

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