A Fantasy In Seasons [CS; NNA Tapes]

I shared this cassette with my favorite coworker, and she said it reminded her of background music to a glitch-fucked poetry slam competition. My brow was raised by the amount of hand drumming I heard over the synthetic wash-out echoed throughout A Fantasy In Seasons. And what made it exciting for me was the unique structural changes within songs, shifting between mystery and awe, wonder and sensibility, human and human-made. Or, it’s like the feeling after fucking for a while and then changing positions to confuse your parts. And it’s not a sneaking shift either, but more along the lines of a conversation you’ve been involved in for the last 15 minutes, only now you’re listening in. Maybe it’s better compared to watching a creepy movie on a sleepless Saturday night, but come Sunday, you think, “Fuck terror, I need my sleep.” Err — something like that. It ain’t chilly to be willy, but A Fantasy In Seasons certainly falls under the will of chill.

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