Richard Youngs
A Stolen Ringbuoy [7-inch; Dirty Knobby]

Judging by the marquee names gracing the available records page of Seattle’s Dirty Knobby (Mind Over Mirrors, Pumice, The Fresh & Onlys), we are a world unaware of this great small pressings label. So perhaps our simpleton nature won’t cause us dismay when listening to the latest 7-inch from Richard Youngs, who does his best self-impression through the oscilloscope of a drunk Bob Pollard. I mean, look no further than the mangled title (A Stolen Ringbuoy) and a history of Youngs desecrating pop music in whatever two bit hole in the wall he can muster scattered notes and the obvious comparisons of the two heavy hitters seems apropos, if only for a fleeting moment. But this moment is one that is now captured on soul black wax, a reminder that even the most expressive revisionist is capable of brilliant bursts of uncomplicated pop music. Of course, what you and I call pop music might differ greatly, so perhaps this is your gateway drug to fuzz and skronk and my ticket out of the tangled forest of atonality.


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