♫♪  Richard Youngs - “B_RY_Err_Terr”

Ta de rah ra pa. It’s a Richard Youngs sound poetry album. Verse often splits itself into two voices, these slowed or sped. Dual utterances overlap. Letters, syllables, and basic phrases vary slightly in pitch and tone. The building blocks of language and music, tabulated and indexed. It could be an early speech synthesis project out of Bell Labs.

The parallel syllable rotations of “B_RY_Err_Terr” have me sifting for words: sugar, raptor, “uh oh,” rubber, colder, hater, “hop up,” hotter, Tehran, solder, patter, succor, utter. Then iambics diverge, voice one now slinging incantations, voice two in thrall to cuts and pitch shifts. With velocity increasing, the workings of fundamental speech patterns grow in complication.

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