White Ring
“Hey Hey, My My” b/w “Felt U” [12-inch; Handmade Birds]

White Ring shake up the witch house fun-bus to sparkling ends via “Hey Hey, My My” and “Felt U,” the heaviest 12-inch you will ever struggle to hold and also one you will find yourself flipping a dozen times before you even realize you’re not dreaming. Quality stuff, albeit nothing earthshaking if you’re a true weirdope. Expect grinding, soft-glow bass bump, an omnipresent mega-click track (probably the signature tell-tale sign a witch might be in the house), polyrhythms stacked atop one another, a female vocalist who seems to almost drift in and out of pitch, and a one-finger synth line with an occasional pitch bend. Sounds bad, right? Guess again — we’re talking tingles-on-the-back-of-the-neck thrills the rave kidz could only have dreamed about. Dancing to this music might make sense to you at some point, but in essence the audio is doing all the work for you. A head-bob is more than enough to satisfy the endorphins that want so badly to make your life a living heaven. White Ring will give you better access to them, albeit in limited-edition fashion. Don’t sleep, lazy-asses.


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