Witch House coven White Ring announces Gate of Grief, their first new album in eight years

Witch House coven White Ring announces Gate of Grief, their first new album in eight years

It’s a common predicament. You’ve found a sufficiently dark space for the pentagram chamber. You’ve selected just the right incense to pair with the goat’s blood. You’ve even got some of those really long candles that become art pieces after hours and hours of melting. There’s just one missing element for the brujeria: the soundtrack.

Good thing White Ring has you covered. A prominent act during witch house’s 2009-2013 heydey, White Ring nevertheless only got as far as releasing a handful of tracks. What a chilling delight, then, to learn that the morbid group is back from the dead with an aggressive single called “Leprosy,” their first spooky material in eight years (head here to digitally afflict yourself with the disease now). What’s more, the single presages the band’s debut LP Gate of Grief, which will induce thirteen additional shivers soon after when it’s released on June 22 via Rocket Girl.

The album has apparently been seven years in the making; so in a sense, this is the original witch house sound, now exhumed, dripping maggots, and brain-hungry. You’ll be conjuring malevolent spirits faster than you can figure out the Unicode for a double dagger. ‡‡‡

Gate of Grief tracklisting:

01. Heavy Self Alienation
02. Leprosy
03. Angels
04. Close Yr Eyes
05. Fields Of Hate
06. Low (featuring Fostercare)
07. Puppy
08. Chained
09. Nothing
10. Lasts In
11. Amerika (Lord Of The Flies)
12. Home Of The Brave
13. Burn It Down
14. Do U Love Me 2?

After the séance, become possessed by White Ring on tour:

05.17.18 - London, UK - Electric Brixton
05.18.18 - Glasgow, UK - Classic Grand
05.20.18 - Manchester, UK - Club Academy

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