♫♪  White Ring - “Nothing”

Like a piece of cured meat or an unmarked bottle of whiskey, witch house just doesn’t seem to go bad over time. While the rest of the dark, cold technosphere of body music had sprouted, hardened, then decayed, witch house continues its eternal, damnatory song.

Master of internet magicks, White Ring have described their upcoming album, Gate of Grief, as somewhat of a sequel to their essential Black Earth That Made Me, which is over seven years old. O RLY?!?! While the first two singles (“Leprosy” and “Burn It Down”) felt much more like Huaratron singles than anything else, “Nothing” feels like a downright, old fashioned, aged-like-fine-fermented-goods White Ring song. Even the hardware sounds like it was just dusted off from the Black Earth recording sessions.

Although surely the band has gradually ripened over the years, “Nothing” would have you believe they’ve just been stuck at the same bonfire rave in the woods for almost a decade and have now been summoned back into the studio, just where they left off. It roars like a taxidermied mountain lion, a relic with the same terrifying glare as the real thing. For fans of their particular sect of the occult internet corner, it makes the track all that much easier to get possessed by.

Gate of Grief is out June 22 via Rocket Girl. Listen to “Nothing” here:

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