♫♪  99jakes - “225”

1jake, 2jakes, 3jakes, 4…
5jakes, 6jakes, 99more!!!!!

That’s right, it’s April 9(th, 201)9 and there’s a new 99jakes track in town (read: on SoundCloud and bandcamp, blursting at the seams and seeming at the top of its lungs).

IF you were following me on Letterbox’d, you would KNOW that last week I watched Daybreakers, released in 2009, stylized like 1999, and set in 2019 — just like the motorcycling events of the movie adaptation of Akira, incidentally released in 1988 — and that both of them share a revolutionary ethics (or at least some aesthetics AND scenes of fashbashing) with The Matrix (1999 [happy 20th anniversary]) and (the 2019 live-ACTION adaptation of Gunnm) Alita: Battle Angel, starring Rosa Salazar in a star-making turn as the moon-gazing, motorballing ALITA, with the face of an angel and a body built for battle (!!!!!!), AKA NUMBER 99.

It’s all starting to add up, isn’t it!? Can I get a “VROOM VROOM!”

According to their IG, 99jakes is releasing music to dance to vol. 1 SOON.

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