♫♪  99jakes - &fmt​=​18

Summer 2018 is on the horizon and 99jakes is popping off yet another scorching mix, &fmt​=​18. Where I’m not actually a fan of the whole 909 Worldwide hardcore. Hardcore will never die. ^^* <3 sound, the way 99jakes completely blows out nearly every bit of &fmt​=​18 is exactly what keeps me coming back. The overdrive deployed in each bit of &fmt​=​18 helps me believe in the feeling of infinite hardcore, driving the faith of sound directly into my cerebral core. And because I only live my life beyond means of reality — pushing myself harder and harder every second of the day, whether commuting a round-trip of two hours and 20 minutes, trying to accomplish multiple tasks throughout the day at work and home, while still continuing to maintain stillness at some point — 99jakes is the medicine I need to receive point B from point A. Since &fmt​=​18 entered my life, things have become turn’t again. Do it for yourself. You’ve earned this bliss. Grip the download of &fmt​=​18 here and receive 100:

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