♫♪  99jakes - “sleep angel”

Go to bed. Put your phone on night mode. Better yet, put it under your bed so when you’re tempted to reach for it in the middle of the night you’ll be too scared to meet the monster under there. Sleep stops you picking at your fingernails. Sleep keeps your eyes nice and wet. Sleep means dreaming :). Sleep means nightmares sometimes but those only make you stronger. Sleep is a full menu for your imagination and a small break from all that ails you. If you can’t sleep, listen to this song and feel the wings of an angel encase you, rock you. Listen to 99jakes. I do. Let them guide you. Rest your head. Sleep in, and don’t feel bad about it, because when you wake up you’ll be able to listen to “sleep angel” again. 99jakes is angel of the evening and angel of the morning. Sleep is perfect, perfect like this song, in every single way.

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