♫♪  Adderall Canyonly - “Beneath the Crystal Canyon”

Recipe for “Beneath the Crystal Canyon” is as follows:

Enter and lock yourself in a full bath.
Fill the tub with ice and mercury.
Mix in all available synthetic supplements.
Paint the room entirely with ChromaFlair.
Strap on velcro LED sneakers.
Clean out your neighborhood WalMart of plasma globes.
Drill said globes into wall, ceiling, tile.
Cover floor with shag rug.
Make a shrine for Throbbing Gristle’s “Almost a Kiss.”
Grab your Califone Listening Center.
Distribute headphones to any apparitions.
Load a slide projector with images of REM deprecation.
Crank open any faucet in reach.
Consider losing it all.
Press play.
Repeat when necessary.

“Beneath the Crystal Canyon” is off A Spark Remains out now through Moss Archive on digital and limited cassette.

• Adderall Canyonly: http://www.adderallcanyonly.com/
• Moss Archive: https://mossarchive.bandcamp.com

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