It’s been a dream of mine for a minute to walk around Flushing with AEGYOKILLER blaring. Been super curious if people actually know the K-Pop chop-and-screw artist from Austin, or not. They’d absolutely know the songs, though. That’s for shit-sure. If I can’t go anywhere without hearing K-Pop (or old Chinese-style Hong Kong crooner/diva shit), they’ll absolutely know who being chopped and/or screwed out my loud speaker. SCREWTAPE PT​.​4 makes this reality a blessing. A faith-based practice in submission to music. Parsons, Roosevelt, Prince, Union,,,, MAAAAIIIN… be on the ear-out. I’ma come thru k’Drippy w/ that good-good. Maybe stick around and talk no Korean to y’all and just stare. I fuxx on all the gang-gang. One eye my face-mask, b:

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