♫♪  Aegyokiller - “Let Me Sin : iAMwhydontu”

Taken at face-value, the idea of “chopped and screwed k-pop” can sound either novel or quite awesome. Perhaps it’s closer to a bit of both. Aegyokiller has made the argument for the latter. He’s going on seven years of sludged-up Girls’ Generation/T-ara tracks spliced and diced into dark iterations that would sound at home on a fucked up, horror-erotic visual novel. Even that notion wouldn’t come close to encapsulate that unique sound.

Ringing in 2018 right, Aegyokiller’s latest video is a pair of newer tracks. This is screw-noir at its finest; “Let Me Sin” is a mellow, shadow-trip that takes you on a journey through the Resident Evil mansion. The synthesis of low-res Playstation horror and K-pop melody is no unfamiliar sound with Aegyo but it’s no less a radical listen. “iAMwhydontu” plays out closer to a fever dream, like the after-effect of some late-night Silent Hill binge. The Yamoaka open chords are as demented as ever, even familiar at this point wrapped around Aegyokiller’s lurching beats. If “Let Me Sin” is something on the introspective side, “iAMwhydontu” is its counterpart, a vaguely unsettling commercial stupor, like watching Korean Vine compilations on a CRT TV. Now if only we could make that happen…

If that little teaser at the end of this New Year’s treat is any indication, 2018 is going to be a great year for Aegyokiller and co. (and by extension, the rest of us).

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